Crown Crafts The Original NoJo BabySling by Dr. Sears

Hold your baby and still get things done! Better for your back and shoulders than other baby carriers! Promotes bonding! Fits any child from preemie to toddler! Look just like Angelina Jolie! (Ok, well that last one could be difficult, but this baby sling is a lot like what we’ve seen her using for Zahara.)

Nojo Baby Sling

Nojo Baby Sling

Forget those ugly baby backpack things. These slings are stylish and HOT HOT HOT! We know your baby is adorable and gets all of the attention. Try getting some of that baby glory for yourself. You will with this NoJo BabySling! (We know, Duck Souper Russ tried one outonly he put a baby doll inside. It got him a lot of chicks, until they found out his secret.) Available in three hip prints: cherries, Frida Kahlo / desert theme, or vintage Hawaiian flowers. Each print available in XS-L. Size: 8″ x 1″ x 11″

While the latest innovative gears and gadgets can sometimes make parents’ lives easier, the good old-fashioned sling has been around for centuries and still makes plenty of sense. This sturdy sling, done up in a dark gray pattern that will effectively mask the odd yet inevitable stain, can hold kids up to 30 pounds in comfort and security. Besides providing that valuable closeness, a sling allows the wearer use of their own arms, which means Mom or Dad are comfortable as well. It’s endorsed by well-known baby expert Dr. William Sears and comes with an instructional video. Nylon rings and a specially designed braking system ensure the safety of the ride. –Charlie Williams

Original Baby Sling Soft Carrier – Black Chambray

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